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In the beginning…

Let’s take it back to the last month of my college experience…In no particular order…here’s all the fun we’ve been having!

Tie-dye party! I decided randomly one night that I wanted to tye die my favorite white sweatshirt, so we journeyed to the store on an adventure that cannot be forgotten–one word–Walmart. Hate it. They do have tye die though! We’ll give ’em that much. We had fun being crafty, and now we have sweet sweatshirts!

Syd came to visit! Bless her heart–I needed her. We had a BLAST! After rolling down numerous hills wrapped up in a blanket together, we decided to take it to the next level. The sprinklers at old main turned on..so we went home to get in nasty clothes, grabbed some garbage bags, put them on like diapers and slid down. It was INCREDIBLE! Pee-your-pants fun! Thanks for being crazy with me Syd!


We decided to take a spontaneous trip to Bear Lake on Labor day–it….was….FREEZING! We had an awesome time though! Daring eachother to “go under” and what not. No one was out there…seemed a little sketch…but it was definitely worth it. I love my roommates by the way! We get along so great (when we’ve had enough sleep), they keep me laughin’. Good times!

408 Family!


It’s been fun to say the least!





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