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Back to School!

Did I miss my first class? yes. Did I get a parking ticket that I can’t afford? yes. Did I enroll in a class that teaches elementary school teachers how to teach math? yes. Did I love every minute of it? YES.



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true story.


Heather works in the MASA office.  It’s the office for graduate and married housing at Utah State. She’s doing check-ins this week, which means she wishes she spoke 14 different languages. International students flock here.  Today we will be telling of the encounter Heather had with two handsome gents from the lovely island country: the DR (that’s the “I know what I’m talking about” way of saying the Dominican Republic.

The goods:

Awkwardly walking in front of the two gents, concious of the way her dairy aire might be swaying, Heather tried to make conversation. It never works as she plans. She should just stop trying. But this, this was funny.


Handsome gent #1 says: “So, what’s your name?”

Heather says: ” My name’s Heather.”

Handsome gent #2 says: “Excuse me?”

Heather: “Heather?” (as if she’s unsure of her name? She was under pressure! You have to understand!)

Handsome gent #2 in his most seductive voice says: “Ohhh, I thought you said Heeeaven.” (with a wink and a smile)

 Was this a pick up line? Heather didn’t know.

She responded with a: “….pretty close!” 

DOP! What was she thinking?

She laughed all the way back to the office.


Secretly, she was a little bit flattered….Although completely meaningless and probably condescending, it brought a smile to her face.

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Are those my shoes?


Maybe I like eating her hair? Ever think about that?! haha.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the bond of sisterhood. I know it sounds cliche’, but seriously, it’s an amazing thing. And I have had the wonderful blessing to share that bond with my sister, Meghan.

We just get each other.  And despite the five years that separate us in age, we’ve always been…best friends (If she’ll claim me as such!).

Yes, we have fought over clothes, and shoes, and “not asking”, and “not putting back”, but all that is little to insignificant now.  Now, we just make each other laugh. It’s the darnedest thing really, it’s like we’re our true selves with each other. And it is quite a sight. Ask Brad!

Side thought: Go with me here. Have you ever done the “true laugh” test. Where you lay down with your arms crossed in front of your chest, take a deep breath, and have someone push down on your arms really hard while you breath out? (If not, try it.) If you have….you might know where I’ m going with this.

That’s how Megh and I are! But we don’t have to push on each other to get it! It just happens! And it’s delightful.

You see, the true laugh test usually causes some absurd noise to come spewing out of your mouth (a laugh you would never naturally create), but it’s funny. Really funny.

When the two of us get together it’s like the absurd noise spewing. We would never do what we do naturally–in public, but it’s funny. Really funny.

Secret: I made Meghan pee her pants at age 19 on a Sunday afternoon walk. We had to extend our walk to find a sprinkler so she could tell everyone we just got wet. Now that, my friends, is sisterhood. (sorry, had to do it.)

And on top of all that, the silly stuff, she’s really great at what she does. She’s a musician. A drama queen (it runs in the family–no negative connotation). A leader. A budgeter (seriously! It’s incredible, talk to her about it). An appreciator of the arts. A wife. A guide. A friend. A best friend.

There’s a quote given by Lucy Mack Smith about Emma Smith, that I have tried to live my life by. It goes like this:

“I have never seen a woman in my life, who would endure every species of fatigue and hardship, from month to month, and from year to year, with that unflinching courage, zeal, and patience, which she has ever done; for I know that which she has had to endure—she has been tossed upon the ocean of uncertainty—she has breasted the storms of persecution, and buffeted the rage of men and devils, which would have borne down almost any other woman.”

I think that Meghan has been living her life like Emma all along, without even realizing it. I am blessed to have such an amazing sister and role model.

Love you, Megh!

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…No Matter What.

I have months of catching up to do. Literally. I don’t think I’m gonna catch up on it though, I think I’m just going to tell you about what’s most important.

My family.

I plan on dedicating entire posts to these three people separately (+2 blessed in-laws), but I’ll leave you with a sneak-peek for now.

There’s something to be said about the people who share your blood, who’ve walked with you through every step of life, who know you. And let me just tell you what I’ve learned from the 5 other people in the whole world who I have that connection with.

To Papanwa: The “hero”. The knight in shining armor. The rock. The father.

To MJ: The best friend. The secret keeper. The baker. The mother.

To Meghan: The idol. The leader. The tickle-scratcher. The sister.

To Brock: The teaser. The talker. The friend. The one you can count on. The older brother

To Cameron: The punchbag (sorry). The late-night driver. The trooper. The little brother.

I could go on and on. I thank my lucky stars every day for such an amazing family. What an incredible blessing. I love them all, and wish I got to see them all more often.

” What matters most lasts the longest.”

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