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These are a few of my favorite things…

Let it be recorded that on June 18, 2010 these were my favorite things:

It looks like we’re about at theĀ  “….And then I don’t feel so bad! ” part.

Food: Sandwich from Aggie Ice Cream (Shaffer’s White Bread, Turkey, Provolone, Mayo, Red Wine Vinegar, Banana Peppers, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Sprouts & Lettuce) To. Die. For.

Color: Poppy red & Brownish gray.

Song: Snow (Hey oh) Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Snow Cone flavor: Strawberry Daiquiri with cream, please!

Accessory: My smokin’ red earrings from darlybird. I’m trying to decide which ring to purchase next. So delightful!

Lip Glosser: Gold Rush. Mary Kay. Thank you, MJ.

Flipper-Floppers: Sandy Reefs. Hands down. (But don’t go to their website. You’ll get an eye-full.)

Movie(s): Singin’ in the Rain. You’ve Got Mail. Australia.

Hair: down & straight. the boring, easy kind.

Time of day: Just when the sun is about to say it’s good-byes. Everything looks golden. Love that.

Time of night: When the canyon winds bring down the smell of mountain, and it’s time to fall asleep!

Smell: Laundry. Liquid Tide. Mmmmm…

Sound: Afternoon thunder & rain.

These are just a few of my very favorite things.


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gained it.


experiencing it.


craving it.

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