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the itsy bitsy spider…

is running around my new apartment. Actually, thousands of itsy bitsys are.

I killed 14 last night. RAD. (Okay, have any of you seen Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Or the trailer for it? Imagine me saying “Rad” like Fregley says, “It has a hair in it!” If you haven’t seen it….shame on your name.)

The bathroom: Toilet seat is paint-chipped. Can you imagine the discomfort? Even worse?  The blue toilet water that turns Wizard of Oz green when you you-know-what.  Who uses blue toilet bowl cleaner these days anyway? So 1980.

The bedroom: Mildew & spiders. Bomb.com.

The living room: The size of my pinky.

The kitchen: Surprisingly luxurious.

I love being a college student! No but really, I do. I find the ghettoness of our apartment quite charming!

Bring on the febreeze, bring on the fun!


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Thank you for letting me sleep in your living room the last ten days.

Thank you for feeding me.

Thank you for chatting with me until 3 in the morning.

Thank you for going on runs with me.

Thank you for letting me tag along.

Thank you for making me laugh.

Thank you for giving me chocolate and rootbeer barrels.

Thank you for making skookies.

I owe you. Times ten.

Love you. Times ten.

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live the life you’ve imagined.

Things to do before I die:

Go to Peru.

Witness the Northern Lights.

Change somebody’s life.

Go to Spain.

Learn a language.

Be Bold.

Name a child Finnigan. With an i.

Go to Seattle. And Oregon.

Visit M&B in Milwaukee.

Wash dishes for a meal at a restuarant.

Buy a bottle of really expensive perfume.

Live out of the country.

Be a part of a different culture.

Hike a 14ner in CO.

Be a designer.

Go on a mission.

Go to Africa.

Find my natural hair color. Before it’s gray.

Be on a volleyball team.

Date a hundred boys. Just kidding.

Kill some hip-hop moves.

Run 10 miles without stopping. Bahaha.


Oh, sorry, gotta go, I have a life to live!

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Finnigan, begin again.

I played Ms. Mom this week. Actually, Ms. Heather. I love when the chillens call me that, and they did. Anyway. Coleton, Finnigan, and Cassius AKA Cole, Finn, and Cash. They rocked my world this week. ROCKED. You know, I don’t envy the life of a mother. Not yet. Man, it’s exhausting. But so worth it! They were the cutest little boys. I want to name a child Finn. You would too if you played with him all day. Melt your stinkin’ heart. I taught him what a moat was, and I taught him how to do a flip off the swing. He did it by himself. He’s three. DO YOU SEE how cool this kid was? man. Cash slept. And threw chicken nuggets down my shirt. I didn’t find them for a couple of hours, I thought that was weird. Still pulling crumbs out of my bra. gross. Is that inappropriate for the blogosphere? Probably. Cole was at school. Then came home to tell awesome stories. For example: “We were playing boys against girls when all of the sudden a boy came that was as big as your head…..and a snake. As big as your leg. And then it was sick and it threw up all over the playground and everyone at recess was covered in barf.”  WHAT. Love those little boy imaginations. The stories only got better. “I’m not lying! Pinky Promise!” Ahhhh. I’m wiped out. But I loved those boys. And will miss them. And will not miss that stupid cat Ichabod. Or that deaf and blind dog Zeek. But I will miss those boys. Goodnight. OH, you don’t want to go to bed yet? Okay, You get three stories then you have to promise me you’ll go to bed.


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This one’s for you Katelan Jennie.

Colorado is different these days. Boys are off on missions. Best friends are still in school (…BYU-Idaho…). Needless to say, it’s been pretty quiet around here.

What’s life without change? Right?

Anyway, I’ve had some time to think back on the good old days and I wanted to give a little shout out to one of my very best friends.

To Kate, one of the sweetest, most genuine people I have ever known.  She enjoys every day. She lives life with passion. She cares about others more than herself. She creates beauty and sunshine wherever she goes. She is the epitome of friendship. Dubro would be proud.

I miss staying up late eating our body weight in Fruit-by-the-Foot (Has that caught up to you like it’s caught up to me? Sheesh. What were we thinking.)

I miss going to the zoo & hugging trees.

I miss afternoons & evenings at the pond, and killer sunsets.

I miss nights in Scotty’s backyard making human burritos looking at stars.

I miss our obsession with the word “wilderness”….go ahead, break out in song.

I miss apple limeades.

I miss Dove fortune time.

I miss Marco Polo at Target.

I miss you, Katie J!

Thanks for teaching me what’s important. Thanks for believing I could be the best. Thanks for showing me that anything is possible.

Always admiring the person you are,

Heatha’ Featha’

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