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it’s a beautiful life.

That speck of a human?  That’s me.

That beautiful turquoise lake?  That’s Bear Lake.

That seashell tossed sand?  That’s my childhood.

I went on a camping trip last weekend, and it was…life changing. It was the most beautiful weekend–warm, and autumn-welcoming. We were camped right next to the lake, surrounded by a very vocal herd of cows. My heart was sprinkled with nostalgia.

My dad grew up in Paris, Idaho, on the North side of Bear Lake. We would pack up and head there whenever a long weekend rolled around. It became a home away from home. The chill of the mountain wind, the smell of Bear Cave burgers, the distant cows, and obnoxious crows. The rope swing from grampa’s tree, the roaring of four-wheeler engines, the penny candy down the street, the fourth of july parade, gramma’s sassy sense of humor and contagious laugh.

And that’s just the beginning.

It was so good to be taken back into the open arms of the Bear Lake Valley.  It wrapped me up, and held me tight for a few days, and I am so glad it did. I needed it.

Not only that, but it was the place where I met new friends, learned from new experiences, laughed and danced with old friends, and wrote a new chapter of my life story.


{home is where your heart is. and my heart is all over the place.}


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Geography 101: Plateau.


1. A land area having a relatively level surface considerably raised above adjoining land on at least one side, and often cut by deep canyons.
2. To reach a state or level of little or no growth or decline, esp. to stop increasing or progressing; remain at a stable level of achievement; level off.
Let’s talk about Numero Dos–and getting off of that stinkin’ plateau. Because that’s what I’m doing. Want to know how?
[un] running. no one is there to cheer you on but yourself. you have to push yourself to meet your goals. and somehow, it’s liberating. and therepeutical. and i’m growing very fond of it.
[deux] the farmer’s market. it has changed my life. fruits. vegetables. soy milk. it makes me so much happier at school. i feel more energy and ambition for the day.
[trois] school. i love learning. but i’m taking it more seriously this semester. trying not to slide by on the bare minimum, but making myself go the extra mile.
[quatre] autumn. the smells. the sunsets. the cool air. the foods. naturally, it lifts me from this plateau.
And last, but certainly not least (and because I can’t remember how to say 5 in French). institute. you go once and you remember why you need it, and love it. what a great blessing it has been these last few weeks.
I’m glad to say I’ve kicked the can. The plateau is in the past. I’m ready to climb mountains. I hope you are too, because that’s what we’re here to do. And we have all the tools we need. Let’s get climbing, eh?

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what the world needs now…

Doesn’t that make you want to break out in song?

I’ve been thinking about posting all week, but haven’t been able to put words to my thoughts. Not in a way that wouldn’t completely expose what’s going on inside this little mind of mine, anyway. And you just don’t want to go there, trust me.

In my Conferene talk reading this week, I came across a talk by David A. Bednar, called “The Tender Mercies of the Lord”.

My tender mercy? Finding this article.

Here’s a taste:

” We should not underestimate or overlook the power of the Lord’s tender mercies. The simpleness, the sweetness, and the constancy of the tender mercies of the Lord will do much to fortify and protect us in the troubled times in which we do now a will yet live. When words cannot provide the solace we need or express the joy we feel, when it is simply futile to attempt to explain what is unexplainable, when logic and reason cannot yield adequate understanding about the injustices and inequalities of life, when mortal experience and evaluation are insufficient to produce a desired outcome, and when it seems that perhaps we are so totally alone, truly we are blessed by the tender mercies of the Lord and made even unto the power of deliverance.”

Holy smokes. That’s good.

Just thought I’d share. Enjoy a lovely Labor Day weekend!

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