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The Saltwater Room.

I have two hours left at work.

I have a week’s worth of homework to do in a day and a half.

I had to do something that  felt productive.

I am writing.

I am listening to Owl City. It calms me down.

I am thinking about my grandma. She’s having knee surgery today. I texted her last night. She texted me back. She is incredible. I want to be like her.

I am thinking about friends. I love them dearly.

I am tempted by the bowl of candy on the desk.

I gave in. Sour Patch Kids. You would too.

I am wishing Thanksgiving would come a little sooner. I like being at home when it’s cold outside.

I am wondering how I will find time to eat dinner tonight.

I am wearing a perfect fall outfit. I’ll just say it.

I took my shoes off. I like stocking feet.

I am thinking about how beautiful Logan is in the fall.  And how cold.

I am going to the howl this weekend. Judge me.

I am eating a Reese’s. Damn candy bowl.

I am thinking about buying a nice, fresh set of scriptures. Ironic.

I am content.

How many “I”s does it take to get to the center of the universe?  That wasn’t my goal.


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today i wish…

i knew how to sail.

and lived on the coast.

washington. oregon. northern california. maine.

and had shoes like these.

and had hair flying in the wind of one of these:

that’s my wish.

maybe someday.

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my blow dryer sounds like Chubaka.

which worries me. but has nothing to do with this post.

this post is about a new perspective.  about friendship. this kind of friendship.

and i realized that friendship is what i want. it’s what i need. i feel quite passionate about that these days.

i think sometimes i get too caught up in the artificial romance we have grown so accustomed to. 

a best friend. that’s all we really need.

cjane is one of my favorite bloggers. she strikes a chord with me…maybe because i feel like we have a lot in common. she’s the one in the video–beauifully awkward video. and i love it. 


and this post might mostly be for me.  take it for what it’s worth.

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