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Colorado, I like you.

do you want to see how charming my home town is?

good, it wants to show you.

take me down to the little white church.

free carriage rides on the weekends?  i think i will.

farmer’s market at southlands? yes, please.

have i mentioned how much i love being home?

do you think i could get them to pay me for this glorious advertisement? prob not.

added bonus?

wishing you and yours a merry, and aggie-licious, christmas & a happy new year!

(does jack look like a sacrificial lamb?)

i told the fam bam i’d spare them from making our tim-tam slam photos public, but that’s our new fave christmas eve tradition.

oh, and just because it’s cool…look what the coca-cola company left on our doorstep… a 24-pack. bless them.


i hope you’ve enjoyed your holidays as much as i have!


photos of parker courtesy of parkercolorado.net, realityrama.com, & ourparkercolorado.com




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In due time,

I would like to name my children the following:






They will be the cutest kids on the block. That is all.

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Deck those halls.


Can we just talk about how HEATHER SURVIVED THIS WEEK. It’s a Christmas miracle! No, really. It is.  You want to hear  more Christmas miracles?

Oh alright, I’d be happy to oblige.

We succeeded in making a six foot bridge out of only paper and hemp to hold three people. 3 Dimensional Design project. If that’s not a Christmas miracle, I seriously don’t know what is.

The mail key I lost fell out of the sky this afternoon. You don’t believe me? It’s truth. Christmas miracle.

Ten page paper down in 4 hours. If you’re reading this you know my struggles with writing. Chrismas miracle.

Six page magazine layout. Done. Christmas Miracle.

Santa (or Kathy and Emily) coming early and bringing tidings of great joy in the form of footie pajamas. Christmas miracle.

Meghan and I sending Frilights before Tuesday. Christmas Miracle.

Proof that The Big Man loves us all.

Merry Christmas!!



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Perfect, I am not.

Sometimes I just feel straight up inadequate. Like people expect me to be something I’m not–and probably never will be.  Perfect, I am not.

I feel trapped. Trapped in assumptions. Trapped in judgements. Trapped in mediocrity. 

And then I get stuck.

Stuck on all of that.

And then I’m less perfect than I was before.

Maybe this was meant to be my life-long trial. We talked about trials today in institute. Joseph Smith’s to be exact. And naturally, my trials become nothing and I realize that I have to fight through whatever barrier I might feel there is between Progress and I.

I’m just letting the world know that I’m trying. Just in case you were thinking about judging. Which I know you were not.

Institute is my life jacket this week. It’ll keep my head above water.

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