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all you single ladies

check it. you won’t regret.


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“Charlie go oot oot, fall.”

I spent this weekend in Montana at Uncle John’s ranch.  And holy moly, was it fun!  I’m convinced that my family is the best one. We laughed for hours as little Jonnie imitated Charlie falling in the knee-deep snow. We rode snowmobiles for hours, jumping snowdrifts and feeling the need for speed. We ran to Elsa’s aid when she toppled over the front of hers leaving a nice little battle scar on her nose. Better luck next family gathering, Els. We ate like royalty. We reminisced.

I love my family.

And also,  shout out to all you ladies out there: Isn’t it so great to be a woman! I’m just grateful for that this week.

Well, random post today. But, go family!

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Shout Out.

with love,

little sister heather.

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