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ABBA on the Organ.

Me and my mom have this joke. It’s called…”It was SO good, I can’t even tell you!” This joke was born when I was in the third grade. Do you remember the third grade? …yeah, I don’t really either. But I do remember that the third grade was the grade where  teacher wanted you to write your very own stories! And then she’d three-hole punch them, tie them in a bow, and send them to your parents who would be “so proud.” Well, all my parents got were a few stories that all ended in the exact same way. For example:

Once there was a bug, he was a really friendly bug. He liked to meet other bugs like potato bugs, and dragonflies. They would go on the most amazing adventures  I can’t even tell you! The end.


Once there was a princess, her name was Heather. She lived in a huge castle. She was so pretty, I can’t even tell you. Then she met at prince, and they got married and were SO happy, I can’t even tell you. The end.

You get the idea, right?  Turns out, I’ve always been a cop out!

Well that’s exactly how I’ve felt about this post about my trip to Wisconsin! It was so great, I can’t even tell you.

But I’m going to try!

We went to the Kohler Show Room in Kohler, Wisconsin–and tried old favorites at Subway. Don’t go back to old favorites, there’s a reason you have new favorites. Anyway, the show room–AMAZING. It was deliciously designed. You walk the perimeter and there’s about 20 different bathrooms and kitchens all designed differently. It’s fabulous! We had so much fun! You have no idea how extraordinary a bathtub can be.

Then we went to Brad’s digs at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He’s so legit. It was so fun to be a part of the medical community for a few days! It feels so sophisticated and safe.

That night we had brats with avacado on “DRY BUNS”, they were divine. I would eat a brat a day if I could.

We went to the zoo! We saw Mahal, the famous Orangutan and learned about weird animals. So fun. I’ll spare you from the head on giraffe body pictures. Well, I’ll spare myself from that.

We went to Meghan’s school where she teaches elementary music and read The Composer is Dead. It comes highly recommended by yours truly! It was so fun to see her classroom and hear about all the cool things she’s doing with her class. I’m so proud of her!

We went to the Milwaukee Art Museum, and WOW. It was wonderful. That is so my gig. See those wing looking things? Yeah, those close and open. No big deal.

We then ventured to the Riverwalk. I LOVE DOWNTOWN. It doesn’t matter which downtown, I love them all! It was so fun! What a beautiful place. The Public Market? Flirt with the Frozen Custard guy for an extra scoop? I think I will! It was fabulous. Frozen Custard is magical. We had it twice in 6 days. Mmmm. Check out the Bronze Fonz. You just can’t go wrong with Fonz.


We watched movies, read articles, took map quizzes, ate like kings and queens, ran & puked, enjoyed the coffee scene at Alterra Coffee–the most posh coffee shop on the block. Man, this is just a sliver of the joy. It was unforgettable!


Organ Piper Pizza! It was one of kind! This is where I draw the line trying to describe the awesomeness of this place. You want to know? You’ll have to go! It was hilariously fabulous! Those are Megh & Brad’s besties. Our future doctors!

Meghan & Brad: Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing a part of your world with me! It was so fun for me.

Love you & love Milwaukee!


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Called to Serve.

where: California Arcadia Mission

when: June 29, 2011

what:  Spanish

why: Because I know it’s true!

I am so blessed, and am so grateful for all of the support going into this!

California, here I come!

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