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Leaves. Service. Good Times.

I was going to change the title of this blog to “Anger. Annoyance. Bad times.” after I spent all day yesterday writing the most clever, witty blog only to have it erased just as I was about to click the friendly little “publish” button. Instead I am going to attempt to repeat it. Seconds are never as good, so you’ll have to cut me some slack. Yesterday’s blog went a little something like this:

I walked out of my apartment today to the brisk air of another beautiful Autumn day. I love that, I love the smell of cold. Interesting, isn’t it? That you can love a smell that consists of dirt and leaves. It’s wonderful. Campus is glowing with all shades of yellows, oranges, and reds. It makes my heart so happy. Fall is here, and we are taking full advantage of it! Corn mazes, weekend get-aways, service projects, the works. Since I wrote forever yesterday, I think I’ll condense and tell my stories via PHOTOS. There are a couple stories, however, that are without pictorial evidence, that I would love to share with you. Even if they are less witty than they once were.

 Corn Maze!

 USU vs. Metro Hockey Game





                                                                                Homecoming Paint Dance! 

Fall Break at BYU.

As most of you know, I am not a huge fan of Provo, or BYU, or anything related. Two exceptions: “best friend-cousin” Elsa, and best friend Logan. I do love them. I got to spend a whole weekend with them too! It was so much fun. I went to Psychology with Logan on Thursday and got to meet some of his friends. That night we went to the infamous (well, I didn’t know about it ’til that night, but apparently it’s infamous) Legends. It’s this little–I would say sports bar but it’s BYU–you get the idea. It was really cool, fun atmosphere, everyone was cheering and what not. Much to my amusement BYU royally stunk that night. LOVE IT. It was a night worth smiling about.

On Friday I went to Logan’s Physical Science class and then we met up with Elsa in their Ancient Civ class. I had so much fun! I really like the whole learning thing. Weird. This Ancient Civ class–SO far over my head, it was great. It was really interesting for me to go to classes at BYU, I’ve always wondered what they would be like. For some people it’s fabulous, but for me–I’m really happy where I’m at. Here’s where it gets interesting…Friday night Logan took me to the tumbling gym with…mmm…15? other boys. only girl. can’t complain. It was a blast. We bounced, and we flipped with the best of them. The boys were really fun to watch, I’ve always wished I were a boy when it comes to those kind of things–no fears, they just pull everything off. So cool.

THEN–I’m not sure if this was Friday night or Saturday night…not important…I was coming back to Elsa’s apartment after hanging out with Logan, walking innocently up the stairs when BAM, there’s a very comfortable little couple at the top of the stairs. I’m almost positive they are about to kiss. I sheepishly (and laughing to my self-ishly) scamper past them to Elsa’s door [Side note: Me and Meghan share a throne as the “queens of awkwardness”-says Brad, and it’s times like these, my friends, that mark us with such a label]. Anyways, I walk into their apartment and what do I find!? Three little spies. Watching the couple’s every move out of their Liberty Square room 27 peep hole. Hilarious. We made a night of it with giddy laughter, Nilla wafers, tip-toeing, and whispers. However creepy that sounds, it was so much fun. Much to our dismay they never took the plunge. No kiss. We’re pressuming that it was a bad break up the way she sent him down the stairs all gloomy-like. Probably not, but it was fun to make up the story.

It was a great weekend, with movies at the library, Cafe Rio, Scooters named Sasha, and Cookie trays for grinding–AND a trip to Target! Couldn’t pass these up…..

Cute right?

Upon arriving home.

My roommate Abi and I came back up to Logan Saturday evening so we could be at church on Sunday (duty calls), it was deserted. vacated. any other word that describes nothingness. It was way depressing, and on the verge of being way creepy. So we decided to do a little service project and make brownies to take to our bishopric. I love them. So we did, we attached little anonymous thank you/love you notes and had fun ringing the doorbell and running (still an adrenaline rush…we’re children).

I walked into Ward Council Sunday morning and the bishopric thanked me for the brownies. Apparently it’s obvious when you’re pretty much the only people at church. I guess my handwritting was a dead give-away as well. Who knew? Just when you think you have ’em! Oh well, it was way fun.

That pretty much sums it up. I pray this post doesn’t mysteriously get erased as well.

P.S. EIGHT DAYS until I see Brockley, and the rest of the fam. I cannot wait.


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It was an eventful weekend to say the least! I hardly know where to start….so….in chronilogical order, we begin:

1. BYU vs. USU

Utah State has a profound hatred for BYU, mostly because a large majority of the people up here are here because they didn’t get into BYU. Funny. I, however, have been an AGGIE since birth. I will admit for a short period during my senior year it was almost tempting. Thank heavens I didn’t end up there! 🙂 Anyways…the story….My friend Logan came up with his dad and brother, I love those boys! We had a good time sassing each other about, well, most everything–including which school was better. Luckily Logan’s dad was on my side–true blue through and through (side note for Megh: Kelly Keicher was a PIKE! haha). The game was much better than expected–we might not have the best football team, but I’m still happy where I’m at. It was a good time! Afterward Logan’s dad took us out to eat at “The Factory.” We’re talking hole-in-the-wall-never-expect-anything-good-to-come-from-it, kind of a place. It was AMAZING! Delicious pizza, and an awesome little pub-like atmosphere. It wasa lot of fun spending time with them. (Sadly, no pictorial evidence of this wonderful occasion)

2. Bear Lake

Grandpa Taylor’s not doing so well these days, so my parents took a spontaneous road trip to Idaho this weekend. I hadn’t seen them in about 2 months so I decided to drive up there to spend some time with the fam. It was beautiful. I love my family–so blessed! Grandpa was really struggling but it was good to see him, and hear his friendly voice. Grandma made me laugh, as always, with her adorably sassy remarks. My dad and I wrestled, Cam and I talked and joked, mom and I snuggled. We got some funny pictures, and before I knew it I had to leave for item number three on the agenda. (side note: Nothing makes me happier than my family. period.)






My amazing bishop gave me tickets to the Sunday morning session of Conference this weekend, so I definitely didn’t want to miss out on that. I invited my cousin Elsa to join me on a Conference date.

Driving back from Bear Lake–STRESSFUL! It was pouring rain the whole time, and anyone who’s been in my car recently knows how terribly I need new wind shield wipers. I had a headache from focusing so intently through the water-streaked glass, I was cranky…really cranky.

One of my best friends, Scotty Austin, is leaving for the MTC on Wednesday, where he will be preparing to go to Tijuana, Mexico–good luck–so I wanted to meet up with him this weekend as well. After much planning…this is what we came up with: Drive to Provo, pick Logan and Stephanie up, bring them to Salt Lake where Scotty was, spend some good quality colorado-reunion time together, and figure the rest out later.

Back to driving–So I’m coming down the mountain and see a sign: “HEBER PROVO Next Exit” uhhhhh….What do I do? That’s not the way I’ve ever gone to Provo. WING IT! So I took the exit. Got lost. Called everyone all cranky and snarled. Finally found my way. Ended up taking an hour less time. Way to go Heather! (Very confusing, I know.)

When I finally got to Provo my crankiness was mostly gone, anxiety still kickin’, but all was well. Logan drove us up to Salt Lake, and the fun began!

4. The Ocean

My favorite place in Salt Lake. Hike a little ways up a mountan, sit on a rock, and stare at the lights of the city. Good things happen there.


5. Conference

I love Conference! LOVE LOVE! Such amazingly powerful messages from men and women called of God. What advice and direction could be better? Me and Elsa loved being there for a session–what an amazing experience. Thanks Bishop Miller!



Grandma made us and all the cousins lunch–SO DELICIOUS! I love my grandma. We had a great time!

7. There are plenty of little side notes, and comical stories intertwined in all of this. I’m sure you’ll hear those from me some day. In person. Excessively dramatically.

8. It was a weekend for the record books. I love my family. I love my friends. I love my life.

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