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Disclaimer: Do.Not.Watch.Gossip.Girl.

Heather to Brooke: “I just saw the forbidden fruit.  He looks JUICY today.”

Brooke to Heather: “Take a bite. You know you want to. xoxo. Gossip girl”


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TULO-git to quit!

Troy Tulowitzki TULO-git to quit.

Troy Tulowitzki "TULO-git to quit."

Friday night of Labor Day weekend rolled around, and my roomates and I and some friends were sitting around chattin’. I started talking about how we should just go to Vegas, or St. George, or…Colorado. Not thinking that it would be taken seriously, I continued to chow down on some bread.

Next thing I knew, Karlie had checked the Colorado Rockies website, and had seen that there was a game on Saturday night.

The rest was history. It was midnight on Friday. We woke up 5 hours later. Drove 9 hours. And there we were, on the curb, gazing up at Coors Field.

I’ve been anxious to go home since I didn’t get to spend my summer there, so I was beside myself! The Rockies won, and Mama made us 4 different varieties of homemade bread. I got a Target run in, which included: new pants, new shoes, and some of the neccesary undergarments. Thanks MJ!

It was a lovely weekend! I wish I could spend more time in Colorado. And at Baseball games.

On a completely different note….driving 18 hours in 3 days gives you a bit of time to think. I thought a lot of things that would be blog worthy. But most pressing on my mind: Does anyone else find it a little challenging to find the balance between being yourelf and changing for the better? Is that terrible? Let me know.

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